Residential Programs

Specialized residences for vulnerable adults in need of around-the-clock staff support

Seeking to raise awareness of hoarding and to preserve safe and appropriate housing


Safely providing for expenses that are unaffordable or not covered by benefits.

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  • Homelessness
  • Medical Concerns
  • Substance Abuse
  • Chronic Illness
  • Mental Health Support
  • In Home Care/Support
  • Health and Safety
  • Housing Programs
  • Protective Services
  • Hoarding Abatement
  • I.D. Program
  • Tech Horizons

Whether it’s a shoulder to lean on, help getting to a medical appointment, a warm blanket or help with hoarding abatement, in southeastern Michigan Synod is always there to help our disabled neighbors in need. By working through Synod as a volunteer, a staff member, a student or intern you have taken a role in our community to facilitate change.

At Synod, our goal is to educate and inform as well as to provide services to those in need. Friends and family often need additional information about the challenges their loved once face, whether they are struggling with poverty, illness, addiction or the changes that accompany aging.

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