Quality Assurance and Improvement Programs

Synod Community Services has a code of ethics that addresses agency ethics, business conduct, and how we interact with those we serve, their families, employees and other colleagues. Synod’s corporate compliance policies ensure compliance with all applicable federal and state law, local ordinances, administrative regulations and program requirements of federal- and state-sponsored health plans. These policies outline the goals, internal controls and procedures Synod has established.

Synod Community Services’ business practices and financial policies promote fiscal responsibility and provide safeguards to prevent misappropriation. Our fiscal procedures, as with all of our policies, are reviewed annually and approved by the organization’s Board of Directors.

We secure an annual fiscal audit to provide an independent review of internal accounting controls, agency financial status, contract compliance, and to ensure that general accounting practices are followed within the agency.

How do we measure performance?

For over 15 years Synod has measured performance in our continuous Quality Assurance and Improvement program. Our system is based on accreditation standards that address stakeholder satisfaction, service effectiveness and program efficiency.

Synod’s Quality Assurance and Improvement system is designed to ensure that service standards are maintained, that resources are used efficiently and that issues are identified and addressed in a timely manner. We set goals and measure how effective we’ve been at meeting them. We ask people how we’re doing. We look at how efficiently we operate. We conduct internal reviews and are subject to external audits.

We are committed to providing quality services to every person in every program. We continuously look at ways to improve the assistance we offer through consumer input, program development, staff training, and outcome evaluation.