Special Needs

Twenty years ago, we developed an innovative program that blends human services with fiduciary support, providing ”wrap around” services for disabled clients. Our Trust Administration Service is an outgrowth of that program.

The term “special needs trust” refers to trusts that can be used to provide financial support to a beneficiary without rendering them ineligible for Medicaid or other government benefits. An estimated 1 in 10 Americans suffer from a severe disability – a threshold qualification for Medicaid. Because Medicaid is available only to those with very low incomes, these individuals risk disqualification for benefits if they receive “too much” help from family members, settlements or back pay awards. A special needs trust can safely provide for extras that are unaffordable or not covered by benefits.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Individuals with a disability who may have received back pay from Social Security or a lawsuit settlement or award.
  • Family members appointed trustee for a disabled person who have concerns about the details of administration or the conflicts that can arise over money.
  • Trust Offices presented with a beneficiary who may require account representatives with mental health and social service training.


Our Service:

  • Is mission-driven and not for profit. We charge per hour only for services rendered and a $100 enrollment fee. Not a percentage of assets held.
  • Does not charge an annual administration fee.
  • Will continue in perpetuity – providing lifelong services to our clients.
  • Can provide trust administration as well as bill pay and daily money management of entitlement benefits.
  • Fulfills all legal and government reporting requirements, including Tax Returns, Social Security reports and reviews.
  • Is staffed by account representatives who will offer more patience, understanding and clinical insight than is found in most bank and trust offices.
  • Works with a range of beneficiaries from the elderly to those with active addictions.